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MEO Sudoeste 18


7 de August August a 11 11 de August to August 2018

de August August 7 de August to August a 11 11 2018

MEO Sudoeste 18

Zambujeira do Mar

From August 7th to 11th a new edition of MEO Sudoeste will be held in sunny Portugal.
Camping site opens on August 4th and for a week MEO Sudoeste brings together tens of thousands of people around Music in six different stages!
On camping site you can find a community kitchen; a laundry space; groceries delivery which allows pre-orders; and many other amenities that bring comfort to festival goers.
Camping at the festival is free for anyone who buys a pass for the full festival, and free WiFi is available across the entire venue.
On these 9 day holidays, it is also possible to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe located on the stunning Alentejo coastline or to dive in the natural water canal which is part of the camping site. The beach is just 5 minutes away, and the festival promoters are running free buses all day to help people to get there.
One of the best and most convenient summer festivals in Europe which can't be missed!